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The Scottish Growth Community is a community for companies from a raft of different backgrounds and sectors to work together, share ideas and stimulate opportunities all with the shared vision of unlocking Business Growth.

At the Scottish Growth Community, we will offer regular events for you to learn from seasoned entrepreneurs, connect with like-minded people at networking sessions and more to inspire and educate you to take the next step.

Our goal is to accelerate growth for local companies. Whether you’re a startup or a larger scale corporation, we want to empower you to go further. Are you ready?

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The launch of The Scottish Growth Community comes at a crucial time for the country’s business sector. We’re on the verge of becoming a global powerhouse in fast-growing, entrepreneurial businesses, but the biggest obstacle to growth, particularly on an international level, is often the belief we can actually do it. I know from my own experience that accessing insight and support at the early stage can be vital. This improves confidence and ultimately will conquer that lack of belief.
We’re hopeful The Scottish Growth Community will be a key part of the entrepreneurial eco system building on Glasgow, and Scotland’s, already vibrant scale-up scene.

Dr Brian Williamson

Since the team moved in to the Clockwise building, we’ve met scores of inspirational, highly driven entrepreneurs. There’s a real buzz in the air, and we want to use our collective experience and insight to transform that enthusiasm and energy into real growth results. The team’s role will be to offer practical solutions and support – from advice on vital financial assistance such as R&D tax support, to access to global networks and support on scaling-up. Scotland’s scale-up community is definitely playing an increasingly international role, and we’re here to build on that success, creating tomorrow’s emerging giants.

Amy BurnettGrowth Manager at KPMG Enterprise

I believe Enterprise Screen has been part of an informal, Scottish Growth Community now for the last few years, as we've expanded both into new markets but also into new territories. It's been an amazing journey but we have always needed help and will continue to need help- it is one of the most important lessons we (thankfully) learned early in our journey. Finding like-minded people with shared goals makes everything easier- people make things easier. A fundamental part of our business is connecting people, we do it every day, from clients connecting to clients, people connecting to people and partnerships developing from conversations, it is essential to our growth. The Scottish Growth Community is a great example of this partnership approach, building on our work with both Pursuit/Fierce and our support from KPMG as a global leader in business growth. We are excited and proud to be part of formalising the community and know that there are exciting times for everyone ahead.

Jamie SmithExecutive Director Enterprise Screen

4ICG is a group of companies strategically formed to unlock breakthrough growth for partners across (currently) 30+ territories globally. Literally our group name is based on our formula for growth, (4I)c = G Since joining the business a few years ago I've really loved the company passion for pushing the boundaries, testing new concepts, technology and channels to feverishly push the limits and hunt growth wherever we find it. Similar to the other collaborative companies in the community - we've been working with businesses on this concept for a few years now so we felt it was time to formalise and connect the community to stimulate growth across the country. Personally I'm really excited to meet and share ideas / struggles / learnings with like minded growth focuses business experts across the Scottish landscape.

Jamie McCoyGroup Head of Digital - 4ICG

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