Dr Brian Williamson

If you believe you can or you believe you can’t…you are probably right. My advice is that anything is possible and dreaming of what you can be is an important part of making what can be…BE. 

If business will be your passion my advice is to focus on how to create relationships which is one key element of business together with understanding how other businesses work. Curiosity helps you achieve both.

My life took a turn on 29th July 2015 when I was diagnosed with cancer. I had a particularly hard time and there is no doubt without my wife and her 24/7 care I would not be here today,  After my operation and during my chemotherapy I had a lot of time to reflect of what I wanted in life. My wife and I agreed things had to change with one common theme from both of us and that was to do more of what I enjoyed most. So I embarked upon to a plan to recruit a new CEO in Jumpstart to allow me more time…more time to get involved with other businesses.

Why do this at the age of 60 when my business life has given me a very nice life and I could easily retire? The reason is that I do not see this as work, I see building and growing businesses as fun. Although eternal life is not possible there is a chance, in some small way, I can live in eternity through the knowledge and wisdom and I pass on the generations behind me.

If you believe you can or you believe you can’t…you are probably right.

If you believe you can or you believe you can’t…you are probably right.

Starting my career as a qualified Engineer I’ve progressing through to now being an award winning entrepreneur with over 30 years experience of running companies at board level. Entrepreneurial life started at the age of 9 with a business model that looked remarkably like eBay. The fascination with making money started early and has never left him.

After qualifying I had a successful early management career that led me to my first job as MD at the age of 26. In this role I focused on how to stimulate ordinary people to extraordinary things and make a positive impact on the profit and loss. Over 12 years I replicated this winning formula in various companies until I finally took the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship.

Launching my first company in 1994 in the Automotive sector where I captured large parts of the European market growing the company to sales of £5m within the first three years before I sold my interest to fellow shareholders. This pattern was to continue in almost all of the companies in which I invested.

Over the years my business interests in sectors have included Automotive, IT, Oil & Gas, International Trading, Software, and later in Recruitment and in Professional services. Since joining 4ICG I’ve dedicated focus to empowering both the group and the suite of partners they enable growth for through the various brands within the group.

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